This gorgeous iPhone app displays real-time flight status and corresponding weather conditions

This gorgeous iPhone app displays real-time flight status and corresponding weather conditions

If you’re a frequent traveler, or are otherwise fascinated by the impending arrival of flights around the world, you might want to give this iPhone app a quick look.

Flight meshes together data from FlightStats and World Weather Online to present you with real-time flight statuses, alongside the corresponding (animated) weather conditions from where the plane departed, and where it’s due to arrive.

How it looks

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Swipe up to view flight details, including whether it’s en-route or already landed, as well as the weather details, type of plane and more.


Swipe down to add a new flight to the home screen, for which you’ll need to know the airline, flight number and date.


If you have multiple flights saved, you simply swipe from left to right to search across them, and tap any airport code to see the conditions for that specific location, all beautifully animated.


Granted, the actual use-cases for such an app could be limited – those who need to monitor multiple flights, for example. But if nothing else, Flight is a seriously beautiful app that has been given a lot of attention from the ground up.

Indeed, Flight comes courtesy of Istanbul-based InnovationBox, the very same company that gave us the stunning Konvert unit conversation app last year. So we’re not entirely surprised by what we see here.

The one downside, perhaps, is that Flight will set you back $3.99, which seems a little on the punchy side for something that leans further towards beautiful than useful. But that, of course, is entirely subjective.

Flight | App Store

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