PowerInbox launches one-click RemoveMe unsubscription tool for Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo Mail

PowerInbox launches one-click RemoveMe unsubscription tool for Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo Mail

If email subscriptions still plague your Web-based inbox, then consider checking out RemoveMe, one of the new features of PowerInbox which makes it easy to unsubscribe from undesired senders in just one click.

More than that, you can unsubscribe from any email without even needing to open it. Simply install the extension for your browser of choice (it works with all modern browsers, the company says), and then let it work its magic.

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The next time you open up your Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo inbox, simply hover over the mail you want to unsubscribe from and a little button will pop up (above). Click it, and you’re done.

Installing it also adds a large Unsubscribe button (shown below) to the individual message view, in case you did want to review the contents before banishing the sender forever.



It’s hardly going to change the world, but it’s a useful extension of Google’s Inbox Actions launched earlier this year and might save a few minutes each day.

If you’re a new PowerInbox user, there are other useful actions for you to explore too – like launching music directly on Spotify, posting comments on photos or accepting new connections on LinkedIn.

RemoveMe is free to use, but you will have to grant it access to your browsing activity, so you’ll need to be comfortable with that to continue. Also, it’s by no means the only way to keep your inbox free of undesirable subscriptions, but it’s one of the only ones that does so for free across three major Web platforms directly from the inbox.

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