Pocket is shaking up how users save, share and tag archived content from the Web in an Android app update released yesterday. Whenever you save an article using the Share option inside an Android app, you’ll now see a trio of buttons at the bottom of the screen. These Quick Save Actions act as shortcuts for launching Pocket, adding new tags or sharing it to a friend via email.

The design of these icons are delightful; they appear over the top of your current app, similar to Facebook’s chat heads messaging feature. If you don’t need them, just touch anywhere else on the screen and they’ll quickly vanish. Otherwise, they’ll disappear of their own accord within a few seconds.


In the past, opening up the Pocket app and adding tags on an Android smartphone or tablet was bothersome. It broke the core experience of quickly bookmarking content and carrying on with whatever you were doing. This integrates these two features into the act of actually bookmarking content, which in our minds is pretty ingenious.

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Headline image: xzserg / Shutterstock