Kwikdesk 730x221 Kwikdesk is Twitter meets Snapchat, with a hidden public timeline of ephemeral messages

If you crossed Twitter with Snapchat you’d probably get something like Kwikdesk – a way of sending messages of up to 300 characters out in to the ether that people can only find if they look for them. After entering your message, you set a delete date of one, 10 or 100 days away and… that’s it.

The fun is in searching for what people have written, and it’s easy to see how this could become a form of online confession booth among other uses. There’s a hidden timeline just waiting to be mined, and no ‘proper’ way to use the service. Kwikdesk, which launched yesterday, is a conceptual art piece by Irish photographer Kevin Abosch, whose portrait work adorns the walls of Dublin’s airport among other places. Check out some of his photos of the tech elite.