Moves-2-4inch-screenshot-1Moves, the activity and location-logging app, has hit version 2.0 on the iPhone today, with updates that should help tackle the perception of the app being a battery hog. Additionally, the app now costs $1.99 whereas it used to be free, although existing users won’t have to pay to upgrade.

If you have an iPhone 5s, you’l find that the app now supports the M7 coprocessor, meaning that hardware will be tracking your movement rather than a background software process. Meanwhile, a new Tracking Priority mode in the settings allows you to pick between Accuracy and Battery Saving modes.

According to the developers, Battery Saving mode offers increased battery life of up to 40%. To cap it off, the update brings the stylish look of the Android version of the app over to iOS for the first time.

Moves [App Store]