s568There are no shortage of productivity and lifehack apps, all designed to help you get things done. Pivotal to this are to-do list apps, which let you stockpile things you need to do, scoring them off one-by-one the more productive you get.

But what about things you’ve already done? This is where Recur is looking to find its niche.

Recur helps you track all the things you’ve done, displaying timestamps to show how long it’s been since an event was last completed, as well as a counter to show how many times it has reoccurred. So if you want to know how long it’s been since you last had your hair cut, well, Recur will tell you.

Recur is the handiwork of the same developer behind Carrot, the grumpy alarm clock app, and it’s clear that creator Brian Mueller has a good eye for design and a sense of humor to boot.

Recur | App Store

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