Shazam 7 arrives just in time for iOS 7, now lets you mention friends when sharing to Facebook

Shazam 7 arrives just in time for iOS 7, now lets you mention friends when sharing to Facebook

We all knew iOS 7 was arriving today, and with that news we always brace ourselves for a slew of app updates designed specifically for Apple’s latest mobile OS. Some also seize the moment and roll out a slew of new features at the same time. Shazam has done just that.

With its latest iOS app update, users can mention friends and places when they share a tagged song to Facebook.

New York, are you ready?

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Also, if you have difficulty remembering the song you searched for last, you’ll now get a reminder of your most recent tagged each time you open the app. Though, as things stand, tagged songs already appear in date order, so we’re not sure what problem this feature is fixing – other than serving as a reminder to buy the song.

While Shazam previously let you buy tagged songs in bulk, you can now do so directly from the Explore charts, meaning you can purchase multiple songs specifically based on where they’re proving popular, such as London or Paris.

In addition to also now being made available in Czech, Polish and Russian, Shazam also sports a spiffing new look – here’s the before and after mugshots for your information.

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