We’ve already given you seven essential Chrome extensions to combat too-many-tabs syndrome, but we’ve just gotten wind of another one that you might like.

OverTask‘s basic premise is about productivity – it lets you create tasks directly from within a new tab in Chrome. The general thinking behind this is that it allows you to stay focused on your current tasks whenever you open a new tab.


Granted, chances are that the whole reason you created a new tab in the first place was to go browsing for something on the Web, but this at least lets your browsing begin with a get-things-done mentality. And if you do just want to search, you simply enter the URL in the search box at the top.

Alternatively, you could also install an extension such as New Tab Redirect, which lets you decide which URL opens whenever you initiate a new tab – which could, of course, be one of your favorite to-do list Web apps.

Meanwhile, check out the official OverTaks demo video below to see exactly how it works.

OverTask | Chrome Web Store (via Lifehacker)