Samsung is bringing Eurosport to its Smart TV range in Europe, making it the first ‘regional’ sports service to land on the platform.

Both Eurosport and Eurosport 2 will be available to stream in forty European countries, though it won’t be arriving in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Macedonia, Monaco and Montenegro.

Samsung isn’t the first smart TV platform to get Eurosport – both LG and Panasonic have introduced the app over the past year, but given that Samsung is a leader in the Smart TV realm, this will open Eurosport up to many more who don’t have a cable subscription.

Eurosport-Player_Samsung_2As with the app on other connected devices, Eurosport Player for Samsung Smart TVs isn’t just about linear live broadcasting. For example, at three of the tennis Grand Slams – the US Open, Australian Open and French Open – viewers can select which court they want to watch.

The app is available to download from the Samsung TV Apps Store now.