Today the team bringing VLC Player to Windows 8 – via the Windows Store so that it will run on Windows RT devices – updated their financial backers as to their progress. Hold fast, they said in short, we’re almost there.

Following an apology for a lack up updates – the most recent was more than a month prior – the developers cited “tremendous progress,” but claimed that more work remained ahead before the app could be released. When the VLC group set out to Kickstarter to raise 40,000 quid to build the ‘Metro’ version of their video playing software, it attracted the sum with nearly a week to spare, with over 3,000 folks chipping in to fund the project.

The stated goal was simple: take its “existing code, which already works on Windows 8′s ‘desktop mode’, and make it run on WinRT, the ‘Metro’ interface.”

Now, to the screenshots, which are certainly the most interesting part of the update:

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The app looks sharp. What remains to be done? Apparently, in the old code, a number of “forbidden symbols” were present, that Microsoft wouldn’t allow in the Windows Store. Happily, according to today’s post, 90% have been removed.  Next for the team is ARM, and Windows Phone 8 support.

No formal release timing was noted. When VLC for Windows 8 does come out, expect it to race up the charts.

Top Image Credit: Dell Inc.