Popular food ordering service Seamless, formerly known as Seamless Web in its DotCom days, has released a redesigned iPhone app (v3), featuring a fresh new look, improvements to ratings & reviews, category navigation, the ability to store multiple credit cards and more.

As part of the redesign, Seamless has placed major emphasis on improving the aesthetics of the app. The app’s interestingly-shaped navigation bar, birch wood background and whimsical icons are a major improvements from the previous look: a dull grey background, default-looking icons and an overall less warm feeling.

Note the lack of imagery in the previous design (bottom). Seamless is clearly working on creating a much more visually appealing experience — something that matters quite a bit when it comes to food.

More on the new features, Seamless has detailed that users will now be able to rate and review restaurants in the app. Seamless has also sped up the checkout process, allowing users to quickly finish their order, or instead opt to review their “shopping bag.”

This update appears to be a significant improvement on first look, bringing Seamless’ iPhone app in line with its iPad app, which launched back in February.

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