It seems that users aren’t going to be the only ones who will benefit from Twitter’s archive downloads, as one service, Timehop, is already taking advantage of the new feature.

Timehop has released a tool which lets users import their archives — a direct workaround of Twitter’s own API limits, which restrict the number of recent tweets that can be pulled to 3,200. That limitation is detrimental to services like Timehop, a “social catch-up service,” as avid Twitter users had previously been unable to view what they tweeted during its early years.

Now, eager Timehop users will soon be flooded with Twitter nostalgia — once they’re able to download their own tweets, a feature that’s currently rolling out slowly to English-language users.

NYC-based Timehop recently celebrated its one year anniversary, since it began as a couple of hackathon projects: 4squareand7yearsago and And7YearsAgram.

While Timehop CEO Jonathan Wegener remains tightlipped on how many users Timehop has, he was able to share that it is in the hundreds of thousands, who have received more than 20 million emails in its first year.

➤ Timehop Tweet Archive Importer

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