Adobe rethinks Revel: Makes the photo syncing and storing service free with premium upgrades

Adobe rethinks Revel: Makes the photo syncing and storing service free with premium upgrades

Revel, Adobe’s photo syncing and storing service which competes against Apple’s iCloud/Photo Stream, is now free to use with limited uploads and premium in-app upgrades. Now, instead of having to pay $5.99 per month to use the service at all, free users will be able to upload 50 photos per month, after 30 days of unlimited uploads (to get you started).

For those who don’t often take pictures with their mobile phones, the free version of this app should be usable, but if you’re one to take pictures constantly, you’re going to run out of space quite quickly — making Revel more of a tease than a free service. Regardless, Adobe’s decision to open up its app will likely lead to an uptick in premium users, if they end up liking their 30 day preview.

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Adobe says it wants to create “the perfect photo app/service for you,” and that it believes “these changes are a big first step toward doing just that.” The company details that it will watch how many photos users are uploading, and that it has plans to fine-tune the free app’s limitations in order “to make them as generous as possible.”

Given that the service is currently only available on iOS and OS X, ignoring Adobe’s limited Revel Importer for Android, many users won’t be too excited by Revel if they’re already satisfied with iCloud. But for the users that enjoy exploring third-party solutions, Revel’s close ties with Lightroom may be enough to make it worth a try.

Check out the new release of Revel via the links below.

➀ Revel for iPhone, iPad & Mac (free – $5.99/mo)

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