Foursquare for iOS gets a faster, redesigned check-in screen and check-in highlights

Foursquare for iOS gets a faster, redesigned check-in screen and check-in highlights

Foursquare has updated its iOS app to version 5.3.5, featuring check-in highlights, the ability to discover recently opened places nearby and a faster, redesigned check-in screen.

Today’s update, which is not yet available for Android users, doesn’t stray away from Foursquare’s standard iterative release process, but still features a few noteworthy changes. Foursquare asks users to “look out for check-in highlights under your friends’ check-ins,” and to “try some recently opened places nearby.” For those beginning to feel a bit of holiday warmth, Foursquare suggests you search for “peppermint” or “cider.”

Another conference. “Great.”

This one’s different, trust us. Our new event for New York is focused on quality, not quantity.

Below, you can see the redesigned check-screen (left), in comparison with the previous screen’s design (right). The new look exhibits a darker, more consolidated design, which leaves a large gap at the bottom of the screen. The check-in screen also moves place titles to the top, where “Check In” previously was. Place addresses have also been omitted, in exchange for a map — a logical choice, as users don’t need to see the address they’re checking into when they’ve already arrived.

Not to err too heavily on update details, Foursquare has shared a random fact about version 5.3.5: it’s the company’s first “palindromic version number since version 3.0.3 in April 2011.”

Foursquare recently crossed the 3 billion check-in mark, averaging 6.2 million check-ins daily. Check out the app via the link below.

➀ Foursquare for iOS

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