One of my favorite games to pick up and play when I have a few free minutes is The Incident, an 8-bit platformer of sorts from Neven Mrgan and Matt Comi’s Big Bucket Software. It’s super fun and delightfully illustrated, but the score has always been a standout for me.

Now, you can listen to and download the entire score from The Incident, which was created by Mrgan’s Panic Software partner Cabel Sasser. There are some great tracks here that harken back to the early days of video gaming and tickle my earbones in fantastic ways.

Here’s one of my favorite tracks, an easter-egg version of the Endless Mode theme:

All of the tracks are up on Sasser’s blog now, and if you love 8-bit audio, they’re worth checking out. there’s even a sweet bonus track from Sandwich Video’s Adam Lisagor.You can listen to them, download them and even grab the Famitracker source files to craft your own tunes here.