Infoteria has launched its secure mobile document manager and presentation tool, Handbook, for iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

Handbook allows users to bind together any combination of documents, spreadsheets, videos, photos, PDF files, Web links and more for presentations, meetings, general sharing or personal use.

The application comprises Handbook Studio, a browser-based tool for uploading and managing content, and the Handbook viewer mobile application to view, browse, and present content.

Handbook offers online and offline HTML5 support so that Web pages with rich media can be stored and viewed later. Content can be manipulated with gestures you would expect to find on your mobile device.

infoteria handbook example 520x325 Infoteria releases Handbook document  manager for iOS and Android

The system also lets administrators and content creators control who sees certain stored files, images or Web pages, and for how long, not a bad idea for organizations with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies.

handbook screen caps 520x242 Infoteria releases Handbook document  manager for iOS and Android

Infoteria Corporation was founded in 1998 as the first software company in Japan dedicated to XML. The company develops and markets software and services which connect various corporate computers and devices. In May 2012, Infoteria acquired Extentech, a U.S. software company specializing in spreadsheet development tools.

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Image Credit: Sean MacEntee