Foursquare has just released a new version of its Android application (Google Play link), reintroducing the ‘nearby check-ins from friends’ feature that it brought back to iOS and BlackBerry in August.

Foursquare had removed the ‘Nearby Friends’ feature in its recent redesign, but users seemingly missed it a lot.

Other new features in the updated Android app include ‘social history’ for venue pages (which lets you see who of your friends visited a certain place, how many times, and if they like or dislike it) and a new “me card” design at the top of the ‘Friends’ tab.

Just yesterday, Foursquare added a new notification setting to its check-in system called Always On. As you’d imagine, it allows you to keep track of your friends check-ins at all times, no matter where they are.

Foursquare for Android (version 2012.09.25)

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