When your service goes International, truly International, it’s a very good sign. It seems like those who were carrying around a smartphone at the Olympic games in London chose to use foursquare as their check-in app of choice.

Here’s what the foursquare team shared today:

It goes without saying that Twitter and Instagram were hot apps of choice in London, with nearly every athlete who won a medal seeing a jump in followers, but this has to be a nice moment for foursquare.

It’s not a surprise that the UK and US weren the top 5, but I was personally intrigued by the foursquare adoption in Italy, France and Morocco.

Who knew?

Considering that the Olympics were held in multiple stadiums and buildings, foursquare probably snagged a ton of check-ins, especially from repeat users. This is exactly the type of event that caused the company to get hot in the first place, having launched at SXSW in Austin.