The popular read later service Pocket has released a nice set of updates today, including a new Safari Extension and an updated bookmarklet. There is also a new Chrome web app and an update to its Chrome extension.

The Safari Extension places a ‘Pocket’ button right next to your URL bar in Safari. It also injects a button right into tweet views and Google Reader article headlines, making it easier to save single pieces of content.

There’s even a contextual menu that lets you save links to pocket by right-clicking on them. The Chrome Extension has gotten a refresh and you can now view your Pocket content right in a Chrome web app.

The updated bookmarklet for all browsers, which does not require a re-install if you’re already using it, adds a ‘View List’ button that lets you take a quick gander at what you have in your Pocket.

So, a nice set of updates to all of the ways you can save stuff to your Pocket, as well as a new Chrome web app and a Safari extension.

Image Credit: Lbvale