Boomerang, the well-loved Gmail plugin that lets you control when you send and receive emails, is officially rolling out support for a total of 57 languages (aka, all of the languages Gmail supports).

More specifically, by rolling out we mean that most of plugin menus will still default to English today, but everything will work regardless of your language settings. Soon, we’ll undoubtedly see complete support. Boomerang said it best in their announcement:

Spreekt Boomerang Nederlands?
Parle-t Boomerang Français?
Habla Boomerang Español?

The answer is now ja, oui, and si!

Beyond language support, the plugin has also added a refreshed management page with new editing features so users can now cancel or reschedule multiple messages at a time. Above all else, it also looks a heck of a lot better, too:

You can install Boomerang for free via the link below (there are upgradable, paid plans as well). If you already have it, all you need to do is reload the Gmail window to see the latest updates!

➤ Boomerang