It’s no secret that YouTube already lets you scan ahead in time and view thumbnails of videos. But this is only on the video timeline itself – either on, or when it’s embedded on an external site.

YouTube Previewer is a Google Chrome extension that extends this capability further, letting you view various thumbnails within a link to a YouTube video. For example, when I link to this YouTube video, and then hover over the link having installed the Chrome extension, I can see various clips from the video by moving my cursor along the link.

Granted, in many cases websites and blogs will simply embed the video which means you’ll be able to tap YouTube’s built-in preview feature, but there are enough instances when a video is simply linked to. And this lets you see a selection of screenshots before clicking through.

My one small gripe is that the screenshots are displayed at the top of the page, whereas it would make more sense if they followed the timeline just above the cursor.

But alas, if you’re looking for an easy way to view multiple thumbnails along a link to a YouTube video, YouTube Previewer could be for you.

YouTube Previewer