If you’ve never used Airbnb, then first off you’re missing out on a potentially great experience. The rentals marketplace is an awesome way to get great places to stay when you’re traveling. But with the newest updates, it appears that the company is pushing toward a recommendations engine as well.

You’ll notice, in the version 2.1 update for iOS, that there is now a whole Wish Lists feature including lists that have been curated from people such as Ashton Kutcher and Yves Béhar. The app goes a step further, even, forming those Wish Lists into a feed of popular ones for all to browse and enjoy.


It’s a great addition to the app, and brings it in parity with what happened recently on the Airbnb site. While it’s certainly not enough of a change to call it a pivot, it’s apparent that Airbnb is getting serious about becoming a travel planning destination, rather than just a place to book a room.

Photo: Erno Hannik