IFTTT, the automation tool that hooks various web services together to help you accomplish tasks has a new logo, a new look and some nice improvements to the service. In a blog post announcing the new stuff, IFTTT explains all of the changes including the ‘bold new look’ and representative logo.

IFTTT is also announcing its first bit of hardware compatibility through the Belkin WeMo devices. With the WeMo Switch and WeMo Motion channels, you can add actions that affect physical devices like lights or electronics.

The new logo is designed to reflect combining basic web services together with triggers to create powerful recipes. The Recipes term replaces tasks as the primary term for all of the actions, like automatically uploading your Instagram shots to Dropbox, for instance.

You can now use ‘Add-ins’, now called Ingredients, to make your Recipes more powerful. The new Quick Triggers are really just standard Recipes but that work instantaneously, as soon as they receive data. This data can come from channels like Email, SMS, phone, Google Talk and the new Belkin WeMo Channels. This should help to eliminate a lot of the delay when waiting for some Recipes to work.

IFTTT says that this redesign is the beginning of improvements to the service that will roll out in the coming months. Lets hope that apps for iOS and other phones are a part of that, as we’ve already seen that IFTTT is hiring on engineers for mobile.

Image Credit: Andrew Turner