If you’re a Google TV owner and user, you know that the team is doing some pretty cool things when it comes to turning your big screen into a more interactive multimedia experience. The few times that I’ve had a chance to play with it, I’ve been pretty impressed.

If you’re on the fence about adding Google TV to your living room, the newly released iHeartRadio app might help you make the decision.

The new app, which the Google TV team announced today, lets you find and listen to music from iHeartRadio’s over 800 stations.

It’s not the features that are the main drawing point, the app is absolutely gorgeous. I’ve never seen album art presented in such an interesting way:

In addition to listening to music and creating your own custom stations, iHeartRadio for Google TV will show artist’s photography while the tunes are playing, and also lets you “dim the lights” to set the right tone.

Google hopes that with this new app experience, you can have a “deeper emotional experience” with music.

You can find iHeartRadio in the spotlight app for Google TV.