Telef贸nica launches Tu Me for iOS, an all-in-one communications app with searchable timeline

Telef贸nica launches Tu Me for iOS, an all-in-one communications app with searchable timeline

Telef贸nica Digital, the global business unit announced by Telef贸nica back in September to spearhead the telecom company鈥檚 digital growth, has launched a new mobile app called Tu Me.

The app is currently iOS only (Android is on the way) and it enables communication and sharing between mobile phones, recording every interaction through a searchable timeline. It is the first service from Telef贸nica Digital to launch directly to consumers, and it鈥檚 the first time Telef贸nica has launched a product globally, regardless of the markets in which it operates鈥hich is mainly in Europe and the Americas.

So鈥hat does Tu Me do, exactly?

Users can exchange text messages, make calls, leave voice messages, share photos and location information. Interactions are stored in a timeline format, so users can view, scroll and keep a history of conversations.

One of the benefits of this app is that it stores all your content remotely in the cloud 鈥 so if you lose your device, you鈥檒l still be able to access your communications鈥 content. And rather than having separate screens for different functions, it lets you make calls, send voice messages, instant messages, photos and your location from one control within a single screen. There鈥檚 no need to switch apps or change to another tab.

The app will also ask for your permission to seek out other friends who may be using the app, for which it claws the numbers from your handset and pairs them with those stored on its database.

The service is free to use with anyone using an iPhone around the world, regardless of their network operator. And crucially, it works via a standard mobile data plan OR over WiFi. So you could use this as a Skype alternative from your handset to procure free calls, though it will obviously require all parties to have the Tu Me app installed.

Although Telef贸nica is headquarterd in Madrid, Spain, earlier this year we reported that it would be housing its Digital Division鈥檚 global HQ in London鈥檚 prestigious Regent Street. The new space is designed to place Telef贸nica at the heart of London鈥檚 growing creative and media industry scene, and from here it鈥檚 starting to drive many of its digital initiatives around the world.

鈥淲e鈥檝e seen the growing popularity of communications apps on smartphones but we believe we鈥檝e gone one better with Tu Me using our knowledge and insights of how people use their devices,鈥 says Stephen Shurrock, Chief Commercial Officer at Telef贸nica Digital. 鈥淭u Me puts all your communications needs into one place, for free, and is a great way for people to stay in touch with those close to them. It鈥檚 also a testament to the innovation, speed and agility within Telef贸nica Digital.鈥

Indeed, Tu Me is the first release from Telef贸nica Digital to launch under this new Tu brand, and it reached the market less than six months from the formation of the unit.

The Spanish telecoms giant says that over the coming months, it will use the 鈥楾u鈥 brand to launch a number of additional communications services which its localized O2, Movistar and Vivo businesses will make available to their respective customers as part of their bundles.

Meanwhile, Android users may want to check out Phonedeck, a similar idea in some respects in that it lets you manage all your smartphone activity from your desktop.

Tu Me

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