A few weeks ago, the Google Chrome team launched a new app in its store called My Chrome Theme, which allows you to create and share your own custom theme for Google’s browser.

Today, the team shared that My Chrome Theme is now available in 36 more languages, making it more accessible to everyone who wants to get in on skinning Chrome.

Once you install the app from the Chrome Store, you simply upload a photo and start changing around the colors for the browser’s taskbar and such:

Once you’ve gotten your theme ready to share with the world, the app provides you with a link to send out to all of your friends. Socializing the browser a little bit more is a nice move on Google’s part, especially since desktop browsing is such a personal experience.

Since it’s an easy tool to use, anyone can create a theme. If you don’t think that browser personalization is an important feature, you haven’t talked to people like my mom. She’s all about making everything on the computer her own.

My Chrome Theme