A few hours ago, Google+ announced it would roll out new set of features on the Android app, including one of the most requested user demands: richer snippets of the content that you share from web pages and other apps.

Google+ shifted its focus to Twitter by offering another highly requested feature, added hashtag support in the stream. The update promises to smooth out a few minor bugs.

This update is small one, but the richer snippets have solved a pet peeve for many Android users. Users are pleased with the new features but have responded by pushing for a unified chat client. As it stands, Android users are haphazardly communicating with Talk, Voice, and Messenger. Use the hashtag #googleplusupdate to share your feedback. But most importantly, this Google+ user has his priorities right.

I like the picture options in the G+ Messenger because of all the fine ladies that send me pictures.

Download the new version of the app from Google Play.