I guess all of the hue and cry about quitting Instagram over its acquisition by Facebook turned out to be a bunch of hot air, because it hasn’t stopped people from downloading the app. Instagram announced via its Twitter account that it has reached the top slot in free apps.

But that doesn’t mean that everyone is happy, the replies to Instagram’s Tweet are a mixed bag at best.

But it does go to show you that, as much complaining as we hear in the echo chamber of tech blogs and Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have bigger fish to fry. There are millions of people out there who haven’t tried out Instagram yet and are being exposed to it by the recent news or word of mouth. It’s about to get a whole lot bigger than just 30 million or so measly users.

Instagram has been having success on Android as well, where it launched just 6 days ago and has already seen 5 million downloads.

We think that Facebook’s acquisition could actually be a great thing for Instagram, but there are obviously plenty of folks that think otherwise, if our poll is anything to go by. For more on the Instagram acquisition, you can check out our discussion of the price, or thoughts on why Facebook bought it in the first place, or how loving a service can make it more attractive to bigger companies.

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