If you’re an avid user of Flipboard for iPhone, you know that there is quite a bit of content that goes flying by your screen. Before you read something or even want to go ahead and share it with your friends, it’s quite handy to use a service like Read It Later to do so.

The Read It Later team shared a handy tip on its blog today that makes saving content to the service super easy. So easy it can be done in just one tap. This works for Instapaper too.

There’s only 3 steps to get this going and it requires you to sync your Twitter and Read It Later accounts with Flipboard if you haven’t done so already:

1. Open the Twitter Settings in Flipboard

In the bottom right corner, tap the Settings icon, then scroll down to My Accounts > Twitter

2. Tap the Fast Action Button option, then select Read Later

3. You’ll now see a paperclip icon next to items in Flipboard. Tap it to save to Read It Later

When you tap log in, you’ll see Instapaper or Read It Later as a choice, just log into the service that you prefer.

There you have it, you’re all set to bookmark things to check out or share later that you find on Flipboard to either Instapaper or Read It Later.