If you follow the idea that blocking out your site for an entire day on January 18th is a good idea to show your opposition to SOPA and PIPA, then please click here and read something else. However, if you want to show your opposition while keeping your site live, we have a great alternative for you.

The folks over at Hello Bar have put their surprisingly-effective technology to work for the greater good, creating banners for the top of your site that keep your content front and center while still providing a clear statement of your displeasure:

There are three design options from which you can choose, each of them providing a link that takes you back to Hello Bar’s anti-PIPA site where others can find the code to easily implement the bars on their own site. I do wish that the Hello Bar folks would offer a bit more insight, or at least link to somewhere that does.

While SOPA might be shelved for the time being, PIPA is still a very real threat. We’ve talked about the bill at length, and there’s still time to get involved. If you’re looking to keep your site live while still making your stance known, the solution from Hello Bar is a solid one.

Anti-PIPA, from Hello Bar