When we interviewed Bambuser co-founders  Måns Adler and Jonas Vig during their visit to Cairo, they told us about a few of the changes that were expected in the Bambuser mobile app. Today, both the iPhone and Android apps have both been updated and now feature a newly designed mobile dashboard.

In the past, Bambuser users had access to the settings in their account dashboards only from the comfort of their computers. The mobile dashboard now gives you access to all of the main features needed to control your Bambuser account from your phone. You can view, manage and share your broadcasts, as well as access main account settings such as changing your password and email address.

Jonas told us in November:

“We’re going to work more with the mobile experience. So if you’re out on the street, if you’re young in Cairo, in Tokyo or Stockholm, you’re using your phone to a much greater extent. So we’re going to work on improving the mobile experience, not just broadcasting, but watching and managing.”

The new dashboard comes packed with these features, and has been designed entirely with the touch screen in mind.

While this is a relatively small update, it is significant because it completely does away with the need to use your computer at all to access Bambuser. You can control and edit your broadcasts entirely from your phone, making it the ultimate tool for the citizen journalist or activist who is constantly on the go.