Zendesk, the service that allows anyone to set up a professional online helpdesk for their business, is making a big push into internationalizing its service as it looks to expand. This doesn’t just mean a translated service, but intelligent handling of multiple languages.

At LeWeb, the company has been showing off some interesting new features. ‘Dynamic Content’ allows helpdesk owners to create canned responses to support queries that are automatically translated into the preferred language of each customer. This allows responses to the likes of password reset requests to be sent in the language the customer understands with a couple of clicks and no effort from the person running the helpdesk.

Zendesk can also now automatically detect the language that a user is contacting the helpdesk in, and route it to someone in the team who is best-placed to handle it. So, support queries in Spanish can be routed automatically to a Spanish-reading team member, for example.

The service is expanding international support, with the Zendesk product now available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and both simplified and traditional Chinese.

The company, which started in Denmark before relocating to the USA, says that it has 10,000 customers, which between them reach 50 million users in over 100 countries. With this new internationalization push, it should be able expand these stats further.