In version 2.0 of Google Shopper for iPhone released on Tuesday, Google has added integration with its local deals service Google Offers, so users can now purchase from it and subscribe to offers from within the app.

Google Shopper, which was released for the iPhone in February, lets you scan the barcode (or cover, in the case of a book, CD, DVD or video game) of any product and compare its prices locally and online. It features voice searching and shows detailed information about products, such as their prices, reviews and specifications.

With the new update installed, US residents will be able to browse through available deals on Google Offers and purchase them right from within the app. Discounts usually range from 20–50 percent and deals usually last for 2–3 days.

Users can also subscribe to the offers for their city, and the app will keep them updated as new ones are posted. The service is currently available in a limited number of cities even within the USA, but more are constantly being added to the roster.

Google Shopper | iPhone App | via MacNN