Back in May, Doug Pfeffer of Boston’s Barbarian Group created Screenstagram, a brilliant screensaver for your Instagram photos.

Now, Doug has released another project that taps Instagram’s API, this time with his sister, Rachel Pfeffer, who’s jeweler in Washington, DC. The project is called Stitchtagram and it’s basically Screenstagram for throw pillows or “Instagram for your sofa”. You choose the photos and Rachel sews them up.

Check out the Stitchtagram Tumblr to see how the pillows are made.

This is a pretty sweet gift idea. Login with your Instagram and order a hand-stitched pillow for just $49.99. You can choose from your photos, your friends photos or photos you’ve marked as favorites. You can also give it to a friend with a gift certificate.

Here’s what my Stitchtagram looks like: