OpenTable, the slick restaurant reservation service has announced that you can now grab a, well…an open table at 16,237 of its installed locations. The service has also announced net revenues of $34.4M in Q3 of this year.

The installed restaurant number is up 57% since the same quarter last year and the ‘seated diners’ number is up 48% to 23.6 million globally.

Those numbers include the US operations as well as the more recent international business. The numbers overseas are even more impressive in growth, with a 254% increase in revenue and a 233% increase in seated diners. The lower number of seated diners, only 1.8M, reflects the newness of the service in other markets, but it does show an immense potential for future growth.

The international numbers also include OpenTable’s acquisition of, which it snagged in October of 2010.

OpenTable was founded way back in the dark ages of 1998 and, as one of the few dotcom bust survivors, has shown that it has legs.

OpenTable’s Scott Jampol sat down with us last year to give our readers some tips on developing a mobile strategy. Looking at these numbers, it seems like OpenTable may know what its talking about in this arena.