Dragon Go! is an iPhone app from Nuance, the makers of the popular Dragon series of text-to-speech apps. It supports a bunch of popular services like Bing Maps, Google text and image search, the iTunes Store, Twitter, Wikipedia and YouTube and allows you to search across them using your voice.

It was recently updated to version 1.1 and added support for more sources of on-demand media. Now when you search for a movie, song or TV show, the media tab shows you results from the iTunes Store, Netflix and Spotify. You can then choose to download or stream that content from any of those services.

It also adds support for Ask.com and Wolfram|Alpha to feed your appetite for trivia. The Yelp! tab has been updated to allow you to view maps embedded within the listings. And it also adds support for Google+.

The app remains free, as ever, and is available to download from the App Store.