Parkbud aims to assist you in never getting a parking ticket again

Parkbud aims to assist you in never getting a parking ticket again

Parkbud has a very clear mission with its new app. It wants to remind you when you parked your car, where you parked your car, and what you need to remember about both.

It does just that with a pretty design and fun interactions for iOS. The price tag is $1.99 and we think it’s well worth it.

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After you’ve parked your car and put your money in the meter that’s where Parkbud jumps in.

Step 1: Set how much time you have until it’s time to feed the meter
Step 2: Drop a Geolocation pin on where you’ve parked your car
Step 3: Take a picture of where you’ve parked your car
Step 4: Jot down a note about where you’ve parked your car

That’s it for the simple features, but there’s more here.

Parkbud will set off an alarm when it’s time to add money to your meter, give you instant walking directions back to your spot, and it can also help you find parking with suggestions and nearby garages. This is key if you live in major cities.

The app is really gorgeous, and has some neat sound effects that your friends will be envious of.

We also wrote about an app called “Parking in Motion“, which mainly focuses on places to park and how much it costs to park there. Also very handy.

Hopefully, you’ll never have to pay another parking ticket again…or not remember where you’ve parked your car.

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