Professional social network Viadeo may be big in parts of the world that LinkedIn isn’t, but that doesn’t mean it can’t occasionally take a leaf out of its rival’s book once in a while. Today, the Paris-based company has launched Smart News – a personalised news service similar to LinkedIn Today, which launched in March.

The service provides up-to-date news which is relevant to each user based on keywords found in their profile. So, a teacher can get education news and a stockbroker can get financial news without them having to set any preferences themselves.

News is fed in from major news sites and blogs, partners such as the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal and CNN, and internal sources such as job ads and events on Viadeo. If the news you’re receiving doesn’t fit your needs, you can easily adjust which keywords the system draws stories from via a set of simple sliders.

While a similar service to LinkedIn Today, Viadeo’s approach takes a more familiar ‘news feed’ approach instead of breaking out into a separate interface, it’s a little more social too, as each story can be discussed with others via a comments section.

Smart News is available to Viadeo and Apna Circle users in five languages – English; French; Spanish; Italian and Portuguese – from today.