Angry Birds fanatics can now get their fix on desktop PCs running Windows direct from Rovio. Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio and, soon, Angry Birds Seasons are available for demo and purchase on the web now. These are fully downloadable, offline versions of the Angry Birds games and do not require a browser to play.

Both games run in windowed or full-screen modes. If you download the demo and like it, you can upgrade it via Paypal or credit card. Rovio will then email you a serial number to unlock the full game. Angry Birds has been available on the Intel AppUp store previously but is now available directly from Rovio.

Personally, I’m unconvinced that the mouse is the best way to play Angry Birds, but if you absolutely must get your fix at home or on your laptop then you can download a demo version of Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio now. Purchasing either Angry Birds game will run you $4.95.