Discover New Books to Read with BookYap’s Smart Recommendations

Discover New Books to Read with BookYap’s Smart Recommendations

BookYap is a web app that helps you get smart book recommendations. The app suggests books based on your reading habits and has a huge collection of over 650,000 books in its database.

You start using the app by searching for a book or a keyword. If you are not sure what exactly you are looking for, try the amazing filters BookYap has got on its homepage. The filters aren’t based on genre, but on types of personalities. From Alpha Male to Hopeful Romantic and World Traveler, there is a section for everyone. You don’t have to sign up to use the app, but if you are a registered user, you will see that the recommendations improve over time.


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Since it has been so long since I actually read a book, I tried the Detective section of the app for some recommendations. The interface is gorgeous with Web 2.0 elements and colors. Suggested books are displayed with their covers as thumbnails. Each book is accompanied by its rating and you have the option to vote on it or add it to your wishlist. To read the synopsis of the book, just hover over the title.

To the left of the listing is the advanced filter. Just like the homepage, these filters have some awesome features too. Apart from filtering books based on their ratings, publication date and genre, you can search for books based on their current popularity. That’s right, just move the slider to find the books with the right level of buzz. An option to find books based on their length is available as well. You can also share interesting books, and your reviews of them, with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

BookYap is free for everyone and the recommendations get better over time. Once you find a book that is worth a read, click on Buy This Book and you will be take to the Amazon bookstore to complete the purchase. I strongly suggest the app for bookworms and casual reader alike. Go ahead and bookmark it!

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