The Vancouver based Hootsuite has upgraded its security for its web application and iOS, Android and Blackberry platforms, adding application-wide SSL and secure profiles.

The benefits of Hootsuite’s new security features also include account provisioning, which allows users to share access to profiles without sharing passwords, plus additional measures that prevent malware and spam.

In order to make Hootsuite HTTPS-enabled, users must manually do so. Here’s how:

  • Go to to login (note the “s”), or
  • Choose Settings, then Preferences and click the “HTTPS” button.

security features header e1303402753924 Hootsuite bulks up security across all platforms
A specific icon will show up in your web browser when you’ve enabled this, adding a lock to the adddress bar. The location of the address bar will vary depending on what browser is being used. All HootSuite mobile apps are also HTTPS-ready.

Another added feature is Secure Profiles for those using Hootsuite Enterprise. Enterprise users can now utilize a safety ‘double check’ before posting via mobile devices. This feature allows teams to have greater control over their messages, keeping ones that may be unintentional or “off message” from hitting their social media profiles. When a team member posts to a secured profile, a pop-up appears that prompts them to confirm or cancel the message. Secure Profiles are also available across all of Hootsuite’s mobile platforms.

Update: Hootsuite is currently down due to the Amazon EC2 server disruption. We’ll let you know when they’re back online.