If you are someone who finds self help sessions and motivational talks too cheesy, Forismatic might not be the app for you. That being said, Forismatic is a very helpful app for workaholics. Forismatic from Coppertino is a Mac OS X app that helps people get inspired and motivated right on their desktop.

Anytime you feel emotionally down, sit back, launch Forismatic and give yourself a minute. The app will immediately take over your desktop and will start showing you quote after quote from eminent personalities to lift your mood.

Random Mode Find your Inspiration with Forismatic

Random Mode

Forismatic has two modes – Random and Relaxation. In the random mode, you will have to click on the screen to get a random expression. While the app is running in fullscreen, all your work, including the apps running in the background are not disturbed.

Relaxation Mode1 Find your Inspiration with Forismatic

Relaxation Mode

In the relaxation mode, the app works like a screensaver or a full screen slideshow. Your screen will black out and the quotes will start flowing in for about 3 to 7 minutes. A timer will count the time remaining on screen and for the entire session to complete undisturbed, you should not touch the keyboard, mouse or trackpad. Relaxation mode helps you stay calm and focused, so lean back and read inspiring quotes without any distractions.

Th app is available for free in the Mac App Store and there is a version for the iPhone too. Both the features and the design of this app are minimal. But this laser sharp focus to bring inspirational stuff your way makes Forismatic a wonderful app. And I will have to note that the collection of inspiring expressions, philosophers’ thoughts and outstanding people’s aphorisms is rich and very unassuming.