Tout for iOS helps people share real time video status updates. Videos taken can be shared with friends and followers at social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

To even have a sneak peek into the app, you will need a Tout account. If you don’t have one, it can be created from the app. The sign up form opens up in Mobile Safari and is a bit messed up. After submitting all the details, the form redirected to another form that clearly wasn’t optimized for mobile access. So, I signed up from my desktop and logged into the iOS app.

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Recording a Tout

Despite the sign up snafu, the time I spent with Tout was pretty interesting. Soon after logging in, the app opens up the camera view. Hit the record button once you are ready and you get 10 seconds to capture your message.

Uploading Video Share Short, Memorable Video Moments with Tout

Uploading Video

After capturing video, it is time to add metadata. Interestingly, Tout starts auto suggesting hashtags as soon as you start entering a title. You can select one from the list or just ignore and create a custom one. If necessary add a comment and take a few seconds to review the masterpiece you have just created.

The video I took was perfect. I took a couple of screenshots while recording the video (attached above) and the app recorded that sound effect too. Once you hit Submit, the video is sent to the queue and the upload will begin. There is no need to wait till the upload is done and you can go ahead to record another tout while the upload happens in the background.

Following People Share Short, Memorable Video Moments with Tout

Following People

All Touts can be accessed from the web app. Tout on the web is a social network all by itself and you can check out the touts shared by others. Just like in Twitter, if you find someone interesting, you can start following them to view their real time video updates.

Tout is available for free in the App Store and is ideal for those who prefer to be ahead in the social race equipped with cutting edge tools.