Picture 25 260x148 Pen.io: A quick, simple and elegant way to publish text on the webPen.io gives users a quick way to throw up a text-based page on the web. It’s basically the same thing as creating a website sans design elements.

To get started, users simply provide Pen.io with a page title and a password to make changes and edits. The sign-up process takes only seconds and after that, you can start creating your first page.

Similar to services like SquareSpace, this service enables users to change the title and the body of the page on the fly, without having to log-in to a back-end like WordPress.

Users can additionally insert videos into their pages by placing a short code (:video) before the video URL.  And, it’s the same case with pages. If one page isn’t enough, another page can be created by putting a page code/tag anywhere on the site (:page).

Here’s one example of what you can do with Pen.io.

Overall, Pen.io is a great way get something on the web quickly, and it’s perfect for non-tech savvy folks. Although services like WordPress and Blogger may seem user-friendly to us, it’s not always the best solution for everyone, and Pen.io is a good alternative if you’re not interested in anything fancy.

The service is free and provides you with a unique url for your page.