In a recent report by ZDNet we learned that Trapster, every speed demon’s favorite iPhone app was hacked today. Trapster’s 10 million plus users received the following e-mail notifying them of the attack.

Trapster recently made our list of 2010’s best travel apps, because the highly rated app alerts you as you approach speed traps, red lights, speed cameras, police check points, accidents and other roadway hazards. It operates like a social network, similar to Waze, reporting information from over 10 million users.

With over 10 million user passwords likely compromised, it may no longer be every road demon’s favorite app for much longer. We suggest you check out Waze if you’re really worried about future Trapster use.

If you are a Trapster user, quickly change your login credentials, and change your password/login information for any other services where you’ve used the same email/password combination.