A Christmas gift from Squarespace: The iPad app has finally arrived

A Christmas gift from Squarespace: The iPad app has finally arrived

I saw how excited you all became when Squarespace, a publishing software company, announced integration with Foursquare, Gowalla and Facebook Places. Squarespace has a Christmas gift for you! Their iPad has finally arrived.

The iPad’s extra real estate gave us much more room to breathe and allowed us to pack quite a bit more into the mobile Squarespace experience. If you’ve used Squarespace for the iPhone, you’ll feel right at home with the iPad version.

Squarespace released an iPhone app over a year ago, leaving bloggers to poke and prod at a tiny screen for too long now. Editing posts on the iPad is a simple, nearly relaxing experience — with the larger viewing space, you’ll see tags, categories, excerpts, comment counts, and the post’s author along with the date and time. Tapping a post or comment opens a tray below the post, which lets you take action without losing sight of the selected post.

F**k it, we'll do it live!

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Watch their announcement video here:

In November, Squarespace made our list of the 20 NYC start-ups you need to know about, check it out here.

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