We love the new Twitter.com, it is a radial refresh of the original Twitter. Sure, we may prefer Tweetdeck here at TNW, but for the average consumer Twitter.com is a very capable Twitter client.

One of the best parts of the new Twitter was the addition of inline media, the ability to view bits of media content inside of the client without leaving to another website. It has only been hindered by the number of providers that Twitter has kept low, adding them slowly.

To help that process move along with more haste, Embedly has built a Chrome plugin called Parrotfish that works with more than one hundred services, bringing more content into Twitter.com than you could imagine. It looks like this:

If you have used the wonderful new Tweetdeck for Chrome, you already know Embedly actually, the company uses their APIs to load inline images.

Download it here and give it a whirl, it is worth your time.