Datasift gives us a peek at its App Store. A focus on social web applications.

Datasift gives us a peek at its App Store. A focus on social web applications.

Of all the applications and platforms that we’ve seen this year, we’ve not seen anything that even comes close to what Datasift has the potential to do. While Datasift, in and of itself, doesn’t hold the power, the interesting thing is what can be done by using the Datasift technology in other applications.

In view of that, Nick Halstead the Datasift and Tweetmeme CEO, has just announced that Datasift is building a dedicated app store that will feature Datasift applications. From the Datasift blog:

Key to the potential growth of DataSift is having 3rd partly developers build applications on top of it. In an early effort to show that we understand developers needs we have built out our own App Store so that applications that use our platform can be easily found by our own users.

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We’ve already talked about the potential implications of apps built on the Datasift platform. Halstead himself, in an interview with our own @Chadcat, points out that he sees Datasift being used to build a Flipboard competitor. The question that remains, of course, is whether someone can come up with an application that can supplant the reigning king of readers.

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