censored 1 260x208 Defend Your Twitpic Privacy with CamouTweet.TNW Quick Hit

What it is: Tool that blacks out selected areas of Twitpics.

Love it: Select, edit and tweet. It’s that simple.

Hate it: One size blackout brush. No erase/undo functionality.

Overall: 4/5

The Details

Whether you want to protect sensitive information on a screenshot or paper-bag that friend’s face you don’t want to be seen with – we can all benefit from a little self-censorship from time to time. This app allows for more privacy in twitpics and could open the door to some fun experimentation.

137294209 54c9a567e91d59b35b026b0b53f109dc.4c519e78 full 260x373 Defend Your Twitpic Privacy with CamouTweet.CamouTweet is the one-stop app to select, edit and tweet your picture. There are no fancy editing tools, just a black brush with no brush size or erase options. One drawback is that there is no cancel button.

Overall, CamouTweet promises to be useful and fun. One question remains however: is it a coincidence that this self-censorship app was published the same day Kanye West joined Twitter?

#predictedKanyeWestTwitpics anyone?