In case you’ve missed it, TweetMeme is everywhere, lately. While we’re obviously fans here on TNW, and there are a lot of reasons.  On top of having great at-a-glance retweet counts, the pages of the TweetMeme site are awesome places to find interesting content.

Adding to those reasons, TweetMeme now has an upgraded version called TweetMeme Pro with a host of new features:

  • Up to 10 UTM tracking codes within the button
  • Customisation on the design of the button
  • Customisation on the design of the pop-up box
  • Dedicated servers to ensure high reliability and performance

Of course, you’ll still have the deadly accurate retweet counts and all of the other features of the original TweetMeme button, but the additions are awesome and very welcomed.

What’s great about TweetMeme Pro is that it’s scaled to fit your site, and grow with you.  There are three levels of pricing that, for a professional site, start out at the wildly affordable.  Beyond that, the popup and button editors finally give that customized feel that’s been missing from the service.

With 700 million TweetMeme buttons across 250,000 sites, TweetMeme is clearly the leader in this market, and we’re happy to see the TweetMeme Pro service come to a head.